Maxim Stepanov

Maxim A. Stepanov was born in 1965 in USSR. Graduated in 1991 from Moscow State University of International relations where he got degree in International Journalism  and in 2012 from Moscow State Academy of Laws where he got a Law degree. He worked at the diplomatic service of Russia since 1991-1997, during the time of Boris Eltsin.

Since 1997 until today Maxim A. Stepanov  participated in different company formation and administration businesses.

He was a founding partner in Midland Counselors at Law, Panama, in Midland Trust ltd, BVI, in Midland Consult (Cyprus) Ltd respectively in Cyprus and. Maxim A. Stepanov is a member of Cyprus Fiduciary Association  and  Association of Lawyers of Russia.

Since 2014 until  today Maxim A. Stepanov is a practicing advocate in Moscow Region Bar Association, Russia.


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