Midland Counselors at Law


Midland Counselors at Law, is a civil company founded in the Republic of Panama by two professionals: the Panamanian Attorney at Law - Oscar Augusto Cedeño and the Russian Lawyer, с Maxim A. Stepanov both of whom over 15 years have acquired vast experience in Corporate laws, social and political science, investments, «Onshore» and «Offshore» business, asset protection, contracts and international business.
The partners' vision is to be your legal consultants and to offer you legal services in the corporate field, offering solutions to your requirements at a reasonable cost, with high professional standards and client dedication. A legal service that reflects the perfection requested by our client is the most important aspect in our organization. With 15 years of experience and a recognized international reputation, this company is expanding. It has its affiliated offices in British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia.
The partners have pushed Midland Counselors at Law to extraordinary levels of recognition, fulfilling the demands of clients Internationally who have preferred their services.


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