Sergey Bezborodov

Since 2003, I advise entrepreneurs, families and privately held companies on their domestic and international tax matters, help manage personal and business risks, resolve complex problems, and find unconventional solutions. I am well-equipped with understanding and practical experience on CFC rules, trusts, IFRS, corporate reorganizations, M&A, financial instruments, IPO, and family office setups. My “native” territories are Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, but I also have experience with clients in China and Turkey. You can also count on my tax skills in other jurisdictions such as Switzerland, the USA, the Netherlands, the UK, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Latvia, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc. 

I hold an Adv LLM degree in International Tax Law (Leiden University), and a  bachelor degree in finance and accounting (KIMEP, Kazakhstan). In July 2019, I left PwC Switzerland partnership to establish Angles, a boutique advisory firm working exclusively with private clients. 

I am trying to keep a healthy work/life balance and stay away from business outside normal working hours. So you would rarely reach me on weekends and holidays because I spend this time with my beloved family - my wife and son. 

In my younger years, I was singing in a rock band, playing lead guitar, piano, and composing music (progressive rock and heavy metal). I am still a passionate singer and am constantly working to develop my vocal range from baritone to tenor, and attempting both rock and opera. When passing by my home you might also hear some heavy guitar riffs and fast soloing. 


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