Petr Ardashev

Petr is specialized in international tax planning and legal support for international business. Petr has over 10 years of experience in this field.

Previously Petr worked for KPMG, Cliff Legal Services and other consulting companies.

Recent projects:

  • Declaring groups of non-Russian companies and personal accounts in non-Russian banks in terms of amnesty of capitals;
  • Restructuring international holding and financial arrangements for the purpose of mitigating tax risks in Russia with respect to CFC rules, beneficial owner of income rules, substance rules (i.e. recognizing of non-Russian companies as tax residents of Russia based on place of effective management);
  • Liquidation of non-Russian companies in offshores, Cyprus, Luxembourg, trusts in Liechtenstein with obtaining tax benefit in Russia for its’ UBOs;
  • Recovering accounting of non-Russian companies and organizing preparing financial statements and audit according to IFRS.

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