Oleg Evdokimov

Oleg Evdokimov — Marketing savvy, avid public & motivational speaker, early adopter of all things digital, I "live" my work, knowing that it's mainly unbridled enthusiasm and honest relationship building with employees, partners, suppliers & customers that will sell and deliver the product afterwards.

Business & brand developer, with a particular affinity for luxury brand building, having joined fast growing and emerging companies over the years, where rolling up the sleeves is essential to get the job done - in business sectors as diverse as aviation industry and real estate, changing focus from project management to trading.

A global citizen, having worked in Spain, Italy, Cyprus in strikingly multicultural & multinational organizations with global ambitions.

With relentless focus on shareholder return-on-investment, I credit employee loyalty, career building opportunity & a motivating work environment that promotes creativity, as the keys to sustainable growth of a soulful organization - one that has the capability to keep fascinating people, both within & outside the organization.


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