Maksym Grekov

Maksym Grekov, Head of International Business Administration Practice at Juscutum. A professional with 14 years of practical experience.

The career ladder from a lawyer to the Chief legal officer at GERZ HOLDING group of companies, and then to a representative of the company’s shareholder for the supervisory board at GERZ HOLDING. During his career a corporate restructuring of the GERZ HOLDING group of companies being successfully carried out.  Maksym also managed the personal assets of the beneficiaries of the group.

Maksym strength is the ability to see the organization’s weaknesses and propose solutions for changing business processes, as well as implement such changes.

Maksym’s key background: business relationship and management; services for highnets; corporate restructuring of business groups; corporate debt restructuring; tax optimization; work with non-resident companies (incorporation and administration); opening personal and corporate accounts in foreign banks; management of complex legal projects, litigation; compliance.

Over the previous past 5 years Maksym successfully implemented solutions for various business areas, such as:

  • corporate restructuring of companies in accordance to the Framework on BEPS;
  • incorporation of corporate and private structures in various jurisdictions;
  • opening corporate and private bank accounts in foreign banking institutions;
  • international tax planning and compliance procedures according to the BEPS and MLI Convention;
  • corporate debt restructuring


  • Phone: +44 203 519 34 84


  • Phone: +3 572 200 86 84


  • Phone: +38 044 501 78 87


  • Phone: +7 727 350 54 74


  • Phone: +7 499 705 91 98



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