Mafalda Cunha Luís

Mafalda is a Portuguese Lawyer form Caiado Guerreiro, an International and multidiscipline law Firm created in 1979, with three offices in Portugal: Lisbon, Oporto, and Faro. Together with offices in all the Portuguese Speaking countries and Beijing, Malta, and Spain.

 Mafalda joined CG's in 2015, where she has been working mainly in real estate law and immigration law, nationality law and family law.

 Mafalda's daily work is related to the execution of Due Diligences for private clients regarding potential Real Estates that they want to acquire, and also providing clients with the legal advice for a successful moving of residence to Portugal. Other matters that she also normally works with are the submission of nationality requests.

 As part of her career, Mafalda was also a speaker at several Webinars, more related to the topics of Immigration, Real Estate and Investment. In addition, she was also a speaker in some interviews, related to the topics already described, in the People's Republic of China.


  • Phone: +44 203 519 34 84


  • Phone: +3 572 200 86 84


  • Phone: +38 044 501 78 87


  • Phone: +7 727 350 54 74


  • Phone: +7 499 705 91 98



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