Khrystyna Bilichak

Bilichak Khrystyna is the Leading Expert on Asset Management and Tax Planning. Being the Executive Director of PROFINVEST Asset Management Company, she controls the process of management of more than 15 investment funds, establishing and implementing the best possible investment mechanisms and business organization models.

Khrystyna started her legal practice as a lawyer at Prokopenko and Partners Law Firm; she is an advocate and has worked at INVESTKAPITAL Asset Management Company for a long time. Having held the different positions, she obtained valuable and great experience in investments and legal support of the business processes.

For the recent years, she has been successfully ensuring engagement of the clients of Asset Management Company into various investment projects; she has conducted business corporate structuring with involvement of the investment funds.

She has a good practice in solution of the most complicated tasks at the financial and stock markets of Ukraine, valuable and considerable experience in cooperation with the Ukrainian developers and development companies.


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