Knut Andersen

Knut Andersen, the President and CEO of Swissmetal Inc. (SMI) in Panama City, Panama, directs an experienced team of rare and strategic metal account managers providing personalized access to scarce, high demand, rare and strategic industrial as well as precious metals for individuals and institutions worldwide. As a trained engineer from Norway, he directed a variety of sales programs throughout the Far East, Australia and southern Europe and Latin America. Knut attributes SMI´s success to its program to combat inflation by offering physical ownership of a unique, new asset class of metals combined with private, overseas, duty free, insured, secure storage. And VIP treatment for all clients. In addition to others, over the last few years, Knut has presented for Sovereign Society, Agora, and Oxford Club events. Past topics have included:
• Early 21st Century Rare and Strategic Metals
• A New Asset Class You Can Own to Protect Against Inflation, Averaging 12% Yearly Gains
• Metals are the Secret Ingredient of Almost Everything and in 80% of all Products Worldwide
• Benefits of Physical Ownership of Tangible Assets Instead of Paper or Digital Assets
• Advantages of Holding Assets in Private
• The Supply/Demand Situation Driving Up the Values of Strategic Metals
• Protecting Your Vulnerable, Devaluing IRA with an IRS Compliant Onshore or Offshore LLC Holding Valuable Rare Metals


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