Gokmen Ucok

Gokmen Ucok is holding MSc. on International Business from Goteborg University, Sweden after being awarded BCs on Advertising & Marketing Communications from Istanbul Bilgi University in honors list. He joined to RAK Investment Authority on 2010 and currently acting as Sr. Business Development Executive. Over the years, he consulted incorporation of more than 500 companies’ in both Free Zone and Offshore Departments in RAKIA. He is handling market research, investments, strategic planning, compliance and support for new and existing business partners.

A government entity that will act & perform as a business unit, RAK International Corporate Centre is Ras Al Khaimah’s new single corporate registry unifying the two existing International Business Centers RAK Offshore & RAKIC.
RAKICC is offering a modern and flexible legislative frame work ensuring the State of the Art compliance procedures with strong alliance network & partnerships, competitive price policy and high level of confidentiality.
Making it easier, more cost-effective to start and operate either an international business or an onshore activity in the UAE benefiting from the DTAA signed by the country.

RAKICC will be the optimal and efficient solution for a successful business
• Political and economic stability of the jurisdiction
• Simple incorporation and filing requirements
• 100% capital and profit repatriation
• State of the art banking system
• Can be used for trading operations, asset protection & planning, tax optimization, estate planning, real & intellectual property holding…
• Set up time: one day for the ICC company
• Availability of Re-domiciliation
• Zero Tax Jurisdiction
• Onshore License Type Available: Consultancy/ Commercial.


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