Dmitry Lamikhov

 FM Capital Consulting has been operating in the field of comprehensive solutions related to establishment and operation of companies for more than 17 years. We develop the schemes of interaction between multiple companies for the purpose optimization taxes to any of them. The 

schemes we develop take account of any latest amendments in tax legislations of such countries as Estonia, Russia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Malta, Cyprus, and other European countries.
Main services of FM Capital Consulting include:
• Registration and sale of companies of the European Union and
offshore companies
• Bookkeeping of Estonian, British, Malta, Cyprus and Denmark
• VAT compliance
• Corporate finance FM Capital Consulting provides its customers with a comprehensive service on a contractual basis, including the development of financial plans and tax optimization, the analysis of contracts and agreements, the analysis of financial risks, nominal management of finances, monitoring of cash flows, and protection of investments in various countries.
The business of FM CAPITAL CONSULTING is related to the performance of various day-to-day activities that are necessary for the normal functions of any company.
Our company also offers the following additional services:
• Issuing legal opinions about existing or planned work schemes
• Development of tax and financial schemes through the use of companies incorporated in different jurisdictions following the principle of cross-country cooperation between companies
•Translation of documents and their subsequent notarization,  legalization(apostillation pursuant the provisions of the Hague Convention of 1961)
• Opening bank accounts in various financial institutions
• Provision of tax planning consulting to individuals and legal entities
• Assistance with management of corporate bank accounts
• Corporate accounting and auditing.


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