Charles Langeriers

Mr. Langeriers is an expert in re-organizations, joint ventures, national and international tax litigation. Also active in the field of criminal tax law and voluntary disclosure.
He studied tax law at the university of leiden. Worked as an inspector with the internal revenue services and with the department of finance. Upon receiving his doctorate in tilburg (1986) partner at Stibbe and, subsequently, Freshfields. Professor tax law at the university of leiden, 1986-2007. Deputy justice of the court of appeals the hague, 1988-2005. He is a co-founder of the dutch tax lawyers association. Author of numerous books and articles. Head of spigt litigators's tax department. Leading tax litigation lawyer (international tax review, tax controversy leaders, 2011).
Spigt Litigators is the most effective litigation firm in the Netherlands.
Clients regard us as 'on the ball': quick, creative and solutions oriented. They value the personal style of our partners, our accessibility and our clarity. It's the result that counts. We are litigation lawyers to the core and specialise in complex cases. Independent and incredibly committed to our clients, we know what is needed in the heat of the battle. Sometimes this means hard and fast litigation, sometimes strategic advising and maneuvering. We persevere for as long as it takes to find a resolution, but always with an eye on the legal content and the objective of the client.
Our firm is built around several core qualities. These qualities characterise Spigt Litigators laywers, but they also form the critical yardstick by which each lawyer measures his or her work.
We are:
Undisputed experts in terms of legal content
Effective and strategically creative
Independent and professional
Courageous and driven
Spigt Litigators is based in Amsterdam.

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