Anastasya Kuzmina

Anastasya Kuzmina is Head of the Tax practice at Capital Legal Services. She has formed a unique subdivision which renders comprehensive legal support for individuals and legal entities on all tax issues.

Anastasya’s professional experience includes advising on issues tied to riskless structuring of assets in Russia and in foreign jurisdictions, the safe disclosure of foreign assets to the state in the course of ongoing de-offshorization procedures, as well as revising the architecture of current structures, taking into account future business plans of the client.

Anastasya has broad experience of communication with the tax authorities and provides comprehensive support for individuals, representing their interests before tax officials.

Anastasya organizes business events on asset management and global tax matters in cooperation with international law firms.

Anastasya is also an active member of industry associations and takes part as a speaker and a delegate in seminars and events related to wealth management, tax, customs, logistics and foreign trade issues.

Anastasya won the IPBA Scholarship Program contest among young associates and is now a member of the Inter-Pacific Bar Association. At the same time, she is developing relations with companies from the Asian Pacific Region in areas of wealth management and international asset structuring.

Anastasya has broad experience in practicing law and representing interests of Russian and foreign companies in court disputes, including commercial disputes and disputes with state authorities, as well as within the framework of providing legal protection for businesses outside the court.

Anastasya’s professional experience includes advising on issues of applying Russian tax and customs laws, minimizing and eliminating tax and other risks, as well as advising clients in the course of inspections held by the regulatory authorities.

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