Alan Bougourd

Mr. Alan Bougourd-Registrar

Alan has over 20 years' experience working in the Guernsey financial services industry, including as Managing Director of Skipton International. He joined Skipton Building Society's offshore deposit taker and Channel Island mortgage lender from Barclays Private Clients International Limited where he was Country Manager and Head of Woolwich Guernsey. 
Alan is a former Chairman of the Association of Guernsey Banks and former Deputy Chairman of the Guernsey International Business Association.
Alan achieved his Bournemouth University MSc in Corporate Governance through the GTA University Centre. He is also a Chartered Director.
Alan joined the Guernsey Registry in March 2011 as Registrar of Companies and in addition was appointed as Registrar of Intellectual Property in May 2014, ahead of being appointed Registrar of RAK ICC in February 2018. Alan joined RAK ICC in February 2018 as Registrar. He is responsible for the Registry and will act as a key check and balance for the RAK ICC offshore business, ensuring rigid regulatory, compliance and governance. In addition to maintaining and developing relationships with existing registered agents and promoting the jurisdiction locally and internationally.


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