Akos Menyhei

Dr Akos Menyhei LLM, TEP was educated at Eotvos Lorand University of Science Faculty of Law in Budapest, and additionally has participated in the courses of the Central European University organized by the Cardozo Law School (New York) and the University of Ghent Faculty of Law in Belgium. A short time after obtaining the doctoral degree in 1995, he joined Hajdu Attorneys at Law, where he became partner following the bar exams in 1997. In the first few years he gained extensive experience in corporate law, commercial law, banking and finance, and in his latest endeavours has taken an active interest in M&A and tax law. As his professional career advanced he decided to acquire comprehensive knowledge of tax- and estate planning, and since 2004 this has been his main activity. As the head of the tax- and estate planning department of H&M Legal and H&M Trust in association with International Practice Group and Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), he is highly experienced in establishing structures in a variety of jurisdictions and combining the features of double taxation agreements between different countries to provide an optimal tax result. He is a member of STEP and chairman of STEP Hungary. As he adheres to the maxim "lifelong learning" he finished the LLM program of International Tax Law organized by the Wirtschafts Universitat Wien (Vienna University of Economics). He is one of the authors of the book "Limits of tax planning" (Linde Verlag 2013).


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