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Zugimpex Group

Switzerland - Slovakia - Malta

Johannes Schwarz, the CEO, graduated from Vienna University of Economics and made his MBA degree in St. Louis. With 26, he started a consulting group, which under his management carried out more than 2000 projects with over 800 customers, and he sold 2005 the group in a management buyout. He then started Zugimpex Group and expanded into several countries depending on the attractiveness of their business environment and taxation system. The group employs a lawyer, an auditor, accountants, legal and business consultants, finance and corporate service specialists.

The group operates 3 business centers that serve around 230 companies.

Zugimpex offers solutions where customers can benefit from the advantages of different jurisdictions:

Switzerland: excellent image and stability, free capital gains, legal advantages and access to local markets; 
Slovakia offers opportunities to transfer profits tax free from corporate to private level without changing the current country of residence;
Malta: lowest corporate tax rate, free capital gains, low social security charges and in addition there is the status “resident without domicile” for individuals.

In addition, customers benefit from access to reasonable banks, residence permits, consulting know how and financial expertise.

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  • Tel: + 41 41 5444844
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