Slovenian company "Vostok-Plus" offers a full range of services on Immigration to Slovenia, real estate acquisition and investment projects management.

Our team is will help you to resolve all legal issues immigration, full supportin strict compliance with local laws and assistance of adapting in our country.

  • company registration of stay permit in Slovenia
  • family reunion
  • obtaining permanent residence (permanent residence) in Slovenia
  • Slovenian citizenship
  • purchase and lease of real estate in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria and other EU countries
  • car and yachts rental
  • information tours
  • organization of business in Slovenia and EU

These and other services are available for you.

Our advantages include the fact that our team consists mainly of Slovenian citizens - lawyers, economists, businessmen, accountants, including Russian speakers, as well as immigrants from the CIS countries, with extensive experience working and living in Slovenia.

Slovenian businessmen in cooperation with our company will help you to find investment projects in Slovenia and EU.

We can always assist you with any issues ofyour moving and adapting in our country, dealing with legal issues, business issues. We will help to make your comfortablelifein Slovenia.


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  • Fax: +3 866 412 1106
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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