Ukrainian Business Council in UAE

Ukrainian Business Council (UBC) – is a non-profit organization established on the 2nd of June, 2016 and officially licensed by Dubai Chamber of Commerce with the joint efforts of Ukrainian businessmen in the UAE.
The aim of the organization is, above all, to promote the commercial development of Ukraine in the UAE.
The main objectives of UBC are:
- to search for sources of cooperation for the Ukrainian business in the UAE;
- to ensure the regular exchange of business information among members and the UBC business partners in the UAE and Ukraine;
- the consultation of UBC members regarding the UAE legislation in labour, family, banking field as well as the creation and registration companies in the UAE, in the real estate field, visa issues and others.
- to promote effective cooperation between Ukraine and the UAE, improving the idea of Ukrainian goods and services in the Gulf;
- the preservation and development of Ukrainian traditions, culture, and language abroad;
- to support Ukrainian diaspora in the framework of close cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE.

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