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Swissmetal Inc. (SMI) is a Pillar One, Oxford Club, vetted company. They provide “turnkey” rare and strategic and industrial precious metal acquisition services combined with overseas, private, allocated, and segregated vault storage in Switzerland and Panama duty-free zones. Swissmetal Inc, SMI represents Schweizerische Metallhandel Panama S.A. (SMH Panama), as a sales company for the entire American continent. Over the last 5 years, SMH Panama and its trading partners, Schweizerische Metallhandel AG, SMH A.G, (Europe), and selected reputable Metal Traders have developed a highly successful, proven, safe, and secure system to preserve wealth. They provide fully allocated and segregated, securely stored offshore rare technology-based strategic, industrial and precious metals. Swissmetal’s “baskets” of critical strategic metals are large stacks of metals combined into pre-selected combinations beginning as low as $7,000. Ideally suited for the preservation of your purchasing power, they are a defensive play to counter the negative effects of inflation. Even during tough economic times, the metals values have averaged a 12% increase. Swissmetal Inc, by popular demand, has also developed a cost-effective and efficient, fully IRS-compliant (15-year track record), method of utilizing under-performing and vulnerable individual retirement accounts (IRA), and 401(k)s, in combination with an onshore or offshore LLC, to own the metals and protect your future against market swings and asset confiscation.


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