Silversands Grenada

Silversands Origin is the group’s flagship development that bridges the gap between five-star hotel and exclusive permanent residence. Stretching across 200m of white sand shoreline, Silversands Origin is an opulent resort comprised of 43 rooms and suites. Dotted along the beach and on the hillside above the resort, nine awe-inspiring villas present an opportunity to claim an everlasting piece of this undiscovered hideaway. Residents can choose to live entirely self-contained, or make full use of the adjoining hotel’s considerable assets and services.
Silversands Origin has quickly become an iconic landmark in Grenada with two gourmet restaurants catering to guests and residents alike and a spa to rival any in the Caribbean.
Silversands Origin's sleek, modern design is anchored by a stunning 100 m (330 ft) infinity pool — the longest in the Caribbean. The pool leads to Grand Anse Beach, one of the top beaches in the world, with its two miles soft white sand, clear waters and calm breezes.


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