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Shanda Consult and its subsidiaries comprise an enthusiastic and efficient team of professional tax consultants, certified accountants and lawyers in the heart of of Nicosia specialised in client-focused concepts such as:

  • Company Structures
  • Tax Optimisation
  • Set-up and Maintenance of Permanent Establishments
  • Asset Protection

One of our core areas of expertise is the set-up and maintenance/management of physical offices for our client companies, meeting the strict tax-related “Permanent Establishment” criteria. Thus we do ensure full compatibility with bilateral Double Taxation Agreements, including the most recent one signed beetween Cyprus and Ukraine. This is just one key ability which determines the quality of service provided.

We are an enthusiastic and efficient team of consultants, tax advisors and lawyers with profound experience in:

  • business consultancy
  • international business and company law (in the 4th generation)
  • international banking
  • incorporation and administration of international companies
  • incorporation and administration of financial companies in Cyprus
  • trust administration and family trusts

We are specialised in mandate-focusing concepts of:

  • company structuring
  • tax optimisation
  • especially within the frame of EU legislation
  • wealth protection

We deliver individual and profound consultancy services and realise concepts decided with our clients accurately. We administer your companies and are at your command also after incorporation. With many of our clients we enjoy long-lasting ties also through our nominee and trustee services.


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  • Fax: +357 222 52 398
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