We value our customers that you have been with us for many years. To thank you for your interest in our activities, we created the Bosco Conference Loyalty Program. What do we offer our regular customers: • Additional discounts for participation in conferences • Additional discounts subject to early registration for the conference • Additional discounts for hotel reservations • Special opportunities for promoting the program of Conference Partners and Sponsors in social networks and media space. In the near future we will expand the list of bonuses provided for members of the Loyalty Program, so stay tuned for our updates.




QUORUS GmbH is a Swiss-Russian management and consultancy company with an exclusive operational focus on Swiss / European and Russian / Eurasian cross-border activities. The Company was incorporated in November 2016 in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland, and since March 2017 it is also represented with a branch office in Moscow, Russian Federation. QUORUS’ aim is to act as a center of competence and excellence as well as a hub for cross-border Swiss / European – Russian / Eurasian projects, thus it fulfills a dual role in that It advises, supports and accompanies projects originating in Russia / Eurasia aiming towards Switzerland / Europa as well as in the opposite direction. Three Partners form the backbone of QUORUS, providing it with diversified expertise, knowledge, credibility and an extensive network in Switzerland and Europe, as well as in Russia and Eurasia. The partnership is supported by two lawyers in Moscow and two full time assistants based in Zurich and Moscow respectively. Focusing on tailor-made service solutions based on wide expertise in Russian, Swiss and EU-law, banking, asset-management, and further fields, depending on clients' needs, QUORUS unique business-model provides for targeted partnerships with specialists in Russia, Eurasia, Switzerland, Europe and beyond. The QUORUS service offer is broad and subject to development depending on client’s needs. The operating fields which QUORUS mainly but not exclusively covers are the following: 1) Legal & Tax advice under Russian law 2) Introduction and coordination of legal and tax services under Swiss / European law 3) Business Consulting & Investment 4) Introduction and coordination of Banking & Financial Services 5) Comprehensive advice, counselling and support of high net-worth individuals in personal and business affairs 6) Advice on private and public international law issues 7) Representation of clients in international arbitration proceedings QUORUS domiciles Russian legal and business expertise in persona on the Swiss market.



• strengthen your network Connect in person with CEOs and CFOs, in-house lawyers, managing partners of law firms, private investors, HNWIs, resellers of corporate services, tax advisors, bankers, financial advisors, professionals on wealth management, trust and fiduciary services providers, corporate business and personal investors. • deepen & share your knowledge With a focus on business solutions, banking, investments, real estate and asset protection issues —as well as connected issues such as taxation, audit provision and wealth management. • showcase your brand & collaborate Your company promotion as a Conference Sponsor in the business environment and media starts even before the conference, increasing brand recognition in all countries events are held. We provide our Sponsors with the best time for presentations, priority stand location at the expo with customized stand, placement of your company in the first block of printed promotional materials for the conference and many other special conditions. After the event, our Sponsors receive unique Participants List and all registered exhibitors, which increases chances of the future business transactions and cooperation with potential partners.

  • Speaker’s presentation

    Speaker’s presentation is a great PR opportunity to acquaint the conference participants with your company and share the experience, which in turn, will give a positive effect on the corporate image.


  • Exhibition booth

    Exhibition booth provides the ideal setting to promote your company, its products and/or services to a highly targeted audience at a personal table-top display. These presentations help to forward important information about the product /services and ensure that your customers have a clear understanding of the product.


  • Promotional materials

    Promotional materials build customer loyalty to your brand, bringing personality and long-term relationships with existing customers.


  • List of visitors

    The list of visitors contains the contacts of all visitors to the event, which increases your chances of concluding deals and signing partnership agreements.



• Customized stand That old saying about first impressions…never truer than in the tradeshow world. And we would be glad to provide our Conference Partners with an exceptional opportunity to present their company at our international conference exhibition at the customized stand. Together with promotional items and branded merchandise, exhibition stand will help you to create new business alliances and definitely strengthen your position at the event. • Direct contact Personalized exhibition booth will for sure solve the problem of being unnoticed at the Conference. The Direct contact with participants at the stand contributes to the generation of new ideas for your business. The exhibition booth includes a fully equipped workplace, as well as the availability of printed advertising materials, the provision of additional equipment, access to Wi-Fi, coffee breaks, thus avoiding significant labor, financial and time costs.