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For wealth management purposes, the ownership of blue chip stocks and commodities like gold, silver and real estate have been cornerstone assets that could always be relied upon to safely grow wealth. In this current environment of more positive growth, it is easy to overlook the volatility, overuse of credit and threat from third party intrusion that has led to the unprecedented stock market volatility of the past few decades. It has not gone away! Moving forward, diversification and “looking outside the box” have become key survival components to safely grow assets and increase wealth! More than ever before, investors need to consider both Risk as well as Reward. Due diligence, plus avoiding volatility and speculation has become the new financial paradigm moving forward! There is a proven hard asset with an enviable track record that should be considered in everyone’s “go to” wealth diversification tool box! Natural Colored Diamonds have avoided many of the current problems associated with MARKET VOLATILITY AND CREDIT EXCESS. They have quietly, steadily rewarded ownership with double digit average yearly increases, transparency, liquidity and privacy! And they have done so uninterrupted for more than two decades! For more than two decades, Natural Colored Diamonds have outperformed Gold, Silver and the Dow Jones Industrial Average as a wealth accumulation vehicle. They are resistant to volatility and the best stones have doubled in value on average every 5 – 8 years at the dealer level! Natural Colored Diamonds are a Non-Registered asset – making them one of the last assets available offering Complete Privacy of Ownership!


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