Mundo Expert is a worldwide professional community on a unique online platform, which is linked to events and conferences worldwide.

The goal of our community is to establish a reliable and fruitful connection between highly-professional lawyers, wealth managers, bankers, corporate experts, fund and trust specialists, FinTech and financial licensing providers, development promoters, representing a particular jurisdiction, and companies, business ventures, entrepreneurs, well-off individuals seeking to start their business, protect assets, make investments, create family offices and much more.

Having started over five years ago as a Latin American online investment portal founded by NTL Wealth, which is one of the world’s leaders in second citizenship, we have since evolved to cover not only Latin America, but also Russia and China.

Our founders and developers started their journey many years ago, working and consulting on topics such as offshore services, wealth management, CBI, investment and corporate. This is the reason why we know these markets very well.

We have established close joint venture relationships with agents, portals and conference organizers throughout the world and can therefore provide our clients with a deep access to various services and products and our partners (experts) – with an access to the world markets via mutually rewarding partnership.

Since 1994 we design family offices so that the wealthy can become free and the free can become wealthy. Our designed ‘Forever Free Product’ is an entire family office system crafted to meet any requirements.


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