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Immigrant Invest


About the company

Immigrant Invest is an internationally operating company which provides its legal
services worldwide. Our major focus is given to the residence and citizenship investment
programmes across the European countries as well as in the Caribbean region.

Working since 2006, we acquired sound expertise in investment options, immigration
issues and integration; we know how to satisfy expectations of the affluent people
making them to forget about borders and limits.

How do we work?

In the course of our work we define the goals and objectives of the client. Aiming to
reach set goals we operate through the official governmental investment programmes.
We provide constant support from the very first consultancy till the moment of obtaining
the documents and return on investments.

We are authorised to represent the range of investment programmes. For instance, our
Company IMIN Malta Limited is the Authorised Agent as per all Maltese investment
programmes (License no. IIP093 and IIP168), therefore, our clients will face no
“unpleasant surprises” resulting from the cooperation with intermediate companies/
individuals as well as no extra hidden expenses.

Our offices: Austria, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Russia

Doblhoffgasse 9/11, 1010
Vienna, Austria


  • Tel: +43 (650) 540-49-79
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.