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Curis Network is an integrated healthcare network of diverse businesses in Europe and the US promoting Excellence in Healthcare.  We are an innovative team seeking to optimize and enhance delivery of healthcare, protecting community health in the regions we operate.

In latin, the word Curis means health and wellness. The trade name is owned by CHG Cyprus Healthcare Group Ltd, a private holding founded in Europe in 2010 dedicated to the international healthcare and wellness arena working closely with industry leaders to offer the best setting for the best outcome. 

Curis Network activities fall in the following 4 areas of activities:

Curis Investments I is an alternative investment fund, member of Luctor AIF, dedicated to investment in the local health and wellness sector.  At Curis we have deployed a strategy for restructuring and expanding the healthcare sector, seeking to enhance the quality of care delivered to Cypriots, expand the offering by generating a flow of international patients to be treated in Cyprus and the support the region by training resources for utilization in the Middle East arena.

We are seeking to positively contribute in the local and international population’s health and wellbeing. Our mission is to excel in healthcare by:

  • Seeking to enhance the performance of the current health and wellbeing system by consolidating, restructuring and developing the relevant infrastructure
  • Supporting the provider / patient relationship and empowering people with the information, guidance and tools they need to make personal health choices and decisions.
  • Working with industry leaders and other key partners to expand availability of quality healthcare.

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6 Georgiou Davari Street, 2024 Acropolis,

P O Box 28892, 2083 Nicosia,


Tel: +357 22 029610 Fax: +357 22 029615

Andreas Savvides


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Three Gateway Center, Suite 2400,

401 Liberty Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States.

Tel: +1 4124405230

Thomas j Santone


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