Corum Vermoegensverwaltung AG


Corum Vermoegensverwaltung AG is one of the biggest independent asset managers in Switzerland, founded in 2002 by current Chairman Stefan Bucher with assets under management over $1.5 bln and clients coming from all over the world. It is among best 50 top best asset managers in Switzerland. It has over 30 employees in its offices in Zurich (Switzerland) and Munich (Germany). Corum has contracts with more than 30 banks in Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Germany, UAE, China, UK, other countries. Corum helps to open private or corporate accounts for its clients and manages their assets based on power of attorney and contract with clients. It has own team of compliance and legal officers, CIO, investment committee. Corum also has partnership with other asset managers from all over the world and helps their clients to go through compliance of Swiss banks, open accounts and manage their assets. Corum offers the following services: opening accounts in banks, asset management, investment advisory, execution only, family office services, compliance and legal consultations, real estate, residence and citizenship consulting, trust, foundations services, etc.

Corum Vermoegensvewaltung AG

  • Independent asset manager, founded in 2002 in Switzerland
  • Registered as a self regulated company with a license of asset manager
  • Private, belongs to the management of the company 100%
  • Direct organizational structure
  • Ready for changing regulation of the industry (MIFIDII, FIDLEG)
  • With 20 employees in Zurich and Munhen
  • Analytical and service support from renowned banks, brokers, investment companies all over the world
  • With focus on Russian and other UIS
  • With experts, speaking Russian and long experience in working with Russian clients
  • With office in Munhen (BAFIN registered)
  • With own team of compliance and lawyers


  • Tel: +41 (0) 44 213 20 2
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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