CENTURION CAPITAL is an international consulting firm that offers innovative bespoke strategies to successful entrepreneurs, corporations, HNWI and investors to globalize their business, rethink tax planning, have a second citizenship, grow private wealth, invest abroad and become elite global citizens.

We are renowned as one of the most experienced international consulting firms for our intelligence, up-to-date and confidential information, the quality of our network and the high profile of our customers.

CENTURION CAPITAL has already helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create their own offshore business, grow their overseas wealth, increase profits and benefit from a level of global freedom and privacy that until now seemed unattainable. We offer real, practical and effective strategies for people looking to live, work, invest, retire, do business abroad and create their own B-plan.

We are at your side every step of the way, supporting your offshore business growth and planning how to improve your earnings using effective legal strategies.

  • Globalizing your business by considering that globalization has made the market global.
  • Legitimately saving money by implementing legal offshore tax planning.
  • Obtaining a second passport to open up a wider range of possibilities to live, work, invest, travel and do business worldwide.
  • Protecting your savings by opening an Offshore Bank Account in a stable and well-capitalized jurisdiction.
  • Preserving your assets from financial crises, monetary devaluations and unnecessary litigations.
  • Investing in an unconventional way and taking advantage of foreign investment opportunities that generate formidable returns with minimal risk.
  • Identify and explain the best current business opportunities in the world and develop a personalized implementation plan.
  • Living a luxurious lifestyle abroad, free from economic worries, which is unthinkable in many countries burdened by rigid tax regimes.

Starting by carefully listening to your needs, priorities and concerns, we offer our expertise and global network of partnerships to assist you in managing your business, legally reducing your tax overload, streamlining all paperwork and bureaucracy, protecting your assets, find interesting deals and investments and allowing you to choose the lifestyle that best meets your needs for freedom and prosperity.

In an honest and impartial way, we provide first-class information on internationalization and offshore company relocation in almost all of the best jurisdictions in the world. We study tailor-made strategies that we design for your specific business and personal needs. Then we support you in the realization of your future projects.


We are continually researching and testing the best places around the world to apply offshore strategies and to find the best current legal strategies and the best knowledge in the global market.

We stand apart from other law firms that only provide theoretical knowledge without evaluating the contingent situation of your business and directing you in a practical way.

We are Solutions Providers since we offer solutions not just products. Our goal is to assist you in every aspect of your business. We do not limit our expertise to tax planning. We create a global identity as a snapshot in which we perfectly portray your company and private life. We create your bespoke B-Plan.

After years of refining our knowledge based on real personal experience, far from theoretical, we know what works in the real world of the business. Only the support of practical experience will allow you to obtain maximum results in the shortest possible time while saving money. Using our deep local market expertise and our unique approach, we design tailor-made solutions and execute them on behalf of our clients, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience.


CENTURION CAPITAL has developed the ‘GLOBAL FREEDOM CHECK-UP’ system. After performing a custom check-up by analysing your current situation (residence, passport, taxes, wealth, business), we propose a bespoke B-Plan covering all aspects of your internationalization. We find the best opportunities around the world and make them accessible to you through a detailed B-Plan.


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