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CDA Cyprus Developers Alliance Ltd ( trading as CDA) represents  43 of the most progressive, modern and advanced top tier developing and construction companies in Cyprus and with over 3000 quality properties available for sale in its portfolio and is therefore in a unique position to address the particular needs of the  potential real estate investors in a tailor made, impartial and time saving  manner.  CDA Cyprus Developers Alliance Ltd is a diligent and highly ethical company with a track record of the highest quality service and a 100% satisfied customer base and is now actively promoting the attractive Cyprus residency and citizenship by investment programs to potential investors. As CDA’s code of ethics dictates it draws on the expertise of high caliber advisors in tax, law and banking to advise its clients accordingly. With this in mind the law firm Nicolaides Stylianou LLC has been asked to support and cooperate with CDA Cyprus Developers Alliance Ltd in its promotion of the said investment programs due to their expertise on the legal aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions and procedures, citizenship, residency and immigration. The purpose being always that all interested investors are provided with prompt, up to date independent legal advice, support and peace of mind. 


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