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BPT Immigration is a top-ranked international consulting company engaged in provision of services on gaining citizenship and residence permits in the developed countries. BPT Immigration is an affiliated company of BPT Group. For over 5 years it has been opening its clients the opportunities for business development and protection, getting more comfortable conditions for living and social security, education for their children and free travelling worldwide.

It is quite a complex task to create business nowadays in current economic conditions, but it is even harder to develop and protect business from hostile takeovers. Getting residence permit in the European country will help you avoid the problems mentioned, travel freely worldwide and carry on business in any place that you deem the most advantageous, comfortable and safest, to get the highest and most comfortable conditions for living and successful future of their children.

It is possible to gain citizenship of the EU state only through receiving temporary and permanent resident permits first.

The most real way to get residence permit is to acquire real estate in the country of destination in terms of special investment and business immigration programs.

Business immigration provides a chance for business people to live in another country, carry on business successfully, open new markets and work under more beneficial conditions.

There is no country in the world that would not be awaiting for investors and business people. The question is in amount required to receive residence permit in the EU state.

It is necessary to undergo quite a number of procedures to receive residence permit. A team of experienced and qualified experts and professional lawyers works for you in BPT Immigration. They have got all the reliable information at hand and find an optimal solution for you.

Getting residence permit is a serious step. In order you would not become disappointed it is necessary to prepare thoroughly for living abroad.

You will get all the necessary advisory assistance, qualified and professional services as well as guarantee of complete security of information here at BPT Immigration.

We are happy to assist you in successful development of your business.


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