Amond & Smith Ltd

Russian Federation

Amond & Smith Ltd is one of the leading companies in Ukraine, Russia and CIS in the field of legal tax mitigation and asset protection, including using offshore companies, trusts, funds and other corporate structures applicable in business. We also offer assistance in the selection of banks worldwide, fit for the clients, opening accounts therein, and provision of accounting and auditing for foreign companies.

Our mission is to provide your business with the most effective lawful legal opportunities in tax planning. Weguarantee high-quality and effective services all in compliance with reasonable conservatism in approaches, strict confidentiality and current professional ethics standards.

Our lawyers represent a team of professionals, graduates of the leading universities. We share common legal knowledge and experience and aim at the promotion and the development of our business.

Our clients are mostly companies of medium and big extractive, industrial, financial, and legal sectors of CIS countries primarily located in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Our partners are law firms and financial institutions of Europe, Asia, USA, as well as representatives of a variety of world offshore centers and other jurisdictions applied in international tax planning and asset protection.


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