Investments. Fintech. Blockchain

Monday, 28 December 2020
Investments. Fintech. Blockchain

The global crisis caused by Covid-19 has disrupted the usual chains and interconnections in many areas of our life, including having a direct impact on global digitalization and the investment market. We talked about this in more detail on November 5 at Bosco Online Workshop: “Investments. Fintech. Blockchain”. And covered the following topics:

  • Invest in Singapore for sustainable growth in Wealth Preservation.
  • The Rise of Fintech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in the light of Covid-19 - A Macro view of where the world is headed.
  • Substance and the Migration of Companies.
  • International Legal Framework in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (DLT) Companies.

The workshop was held in the format of an online broadcast for 2 hours and traditionally brought together participants from different parts of the world. The conference was opened by the moderator, managing partner of MK Fintech Partners – Dr. Justine Scerri Herrera. The speakers were the leading international experts in the field of investments, blockchain and cryptocurrency – Khyron Goh, Kaiden Group Ltd; Dr. Justine Scerry Herrera, MK Fintech Partners; Simon Zenios, Simon Zenios & Co LLC; Urs Stirnimann, Swiss ILC Services DMCC.

Speakers discussed the current situation of foreign direct investment in Singapore and what tax benefits can be expected for those who decide to acquire a local business there. Thanks to the coordinated actions of the government in Singapore, it was possible to take control of Covid-19 and keep the region’s economy stable. In particular, the situation in the commercial sector and the real estate market remains stable there. Also were considered the concepts of company migration in the UAE and what opportunities a modern and sunny country offers today. In addition, at the online workshop, speakers talked about the impact of modern financial technologies (fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies) on business development.

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