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Bosco Conference invites you to join the annual conference InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2015 on September 07th, InterContinental Almaty. The conference is devoted to international investment, finance, wealth management and asset protection, building global business structures. The exhibition will host over 20 booths of international banks, law firms, investment companies, audit firms, investment funds and developer companies.

Attending InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2015 conference you can expand your customers and partners network on more than 300 new contacts from the most developed region of the Kazakhstan and other countries of CIS, EU, Middle East and Asia.

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You also have a great opportunity to visit InvestPro Kazakhstan Astana 2015 on September 10th. The convenient schedule of both conferences allows combining attendance conferences themselves and holding business meetings of the participants in both cities.

Conference InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2015 covers important and relevant topics of asset protection, private assets management, offers new solutions in the areas of investments, property and citizenship. Speakers - heads of leading companies and banks of the CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2015 – that…

  • unique platform for corporate communications
  • exchange of experience with the market leaders
  • qualitative and reliable information
  • new perspectives and opportunities for business development
  • 10+ reports from leading market experts
  • 20+ exhibitors - large international banks and law firms
  • 300+ participants from 30+ countries around the world

Conference’s preliminary program:

07 September 2015

Time Topic   Speaker,Company
  Moderator Kurmangazy Talzhanov
Managing Partner
8:30-9:30  Registration of delegates & Welcome Coffee
Opening of the conference. Welcoming remarks organizers
9:30-10:00  Shareholder agreements under English law as an effective instrument for protecting the interests of large investors Ilya Shtromvasser
Director for Tax and Corporate Issues
Amond & Smith Ltd
Russian Federation
10:00-10:30  We open borders of the European Union for all the Family without the need in permanent living there: State Investment Program of Hungary Elena Rudaya
Development Director
10:30-11:00  Slovakia – the complementary jurisdiction in tax planning Mag. Johannes Schwarz
11:00-11:30  8% fixed income short term investments secured by London real estate. Dmitry Khenkin
Consulco Group
11:30-12:00  Cyprus. The fastest legal way of obtaining EU Citizenship through investments in property market Sergey Filatov
Head Office in Russia and CIS
Pafilia Property Developers LTD
 12:00-12:30 Estonian companies as the best instrument for European business and integration in Europe and opportunities for obtaining residence permit in Spain. Svetlana-Hohlova Svetlana Hohlova
Chairman of the Board
Bell Moore S
12:30-13:30  Lunch
13:30-14:00  Latvia. Germany. Business immigration and EU funds Yevgeny Lukashuk
Chairman of the Board
Baltic Business Group
14:00-14:30  Alternative Investments as part of Wealth Management Sergey Kartashov
Private Banker
Baltic International Bank
14:30-15:00  Citizenship and Residency Planning - the Malta option Dr Jean-Philippe Chetcuti
Managing Partner
15:00-15:30  Swiss arbitration System Dr. Andrzej Remin
Remin Rechtsanwälte
15:30-16:00  How to increase family wealth more than 10 times and structure family assets in tax-neutral ways using bank financing: Universal Life insurance & investment product Marat Savelov
Managing Partner
Confideri Advisory Group
16:00-16:30  Coffee-break
16:30-17:00  Confidentiality - myth or reality. Practical aspects of defence by structuring and investments Oleg-Kuts Oleg Kuts
Managing Partner
KK & Partners
17:00-17:30  Corporate Structures for Foreign Investments in Kazakhstan Sergey Bogatyrev Sergey Bogatyrev
 17:30-18:00 Investments in London property development market. Monaco for private investors. Sergey-Sander Sergey Sander
The Leading Properties of the World
18:00-18:30  Protection Methods of Investor Rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan  Svetlana Shtopol
18:30-20:30  Cocktail for conference participants

Conference participants

Registered - 415 delegates

Kazakhstan 318 Russia 8 Netherlands 9
Kyrgyzstan 8 Cyprus 15 UAE 4
Austria 5 Panama 3 Estonia 3
Singapore 5 Switzerland 5 Germany 1
Canada 2 Luxembourg 2 Liechtenstein  2
Latvia 8 Malta 5    
UK 10 Lithuania 2    


Business owners, CEOs and CFOs, In-house lawyers, Managing Partners of law firms, Private investors, High Net Worth Individuals Big and middle trading and commercial companies, Banks, Asset management companies, Law, Audit, Consulting companies, Corporate services providers, Investment companies, International tax advisor companies Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Monaco, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Cyprus, Malta, Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Seychelles , Panama, the United States, the British Virgin Islands

InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2015 offers

InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2015 has b2c format and successfully combines conference and exhibition. The Conference timetable allows you to meet more than 10 presentations and in comfortable atmosphere discuss the most relevant problems as well as to develop your business network during comfortable long lasting breaks during the sessions and evening cocktail.

Participation Fees and Conditions

  1st & 2nd delegates  3rd and further delegates
Companies from the CIS (Legal Services, Tax Consulting, Audit, Accounting, Financial Consulting, Fiduciary Services, Financial Services, Commercial and Industrial Companies, Private Investors, People with high private capital) 250 EURO 250 EURO
Companies from the CIS (Immigration and Citizenship, Registration of Сompanies, Foreign Banks, Wealth Management) 250 EURO 250 EURO
Companies from other Сountries
250 EURO 250 EURO
InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2015 + InvestPro Kazakhstan Astana 2015 400 EURO 400 EURO

*Free registration is confirmed only for one conference. Participating in two conferences InvestPro Kazakhstan Almaty 2015 and InvestPro Kazakhstan Astana 2015 will be charged - 250 EURO.

Registration will be confirmed by the organizer only after the application form is filled out. The organizer reserves right to reject the registration of the applicants who do not correspond to the conference audience criteria.

The participant package fee covers the attendance of the full day of the Conference, coffe-breaks, lunch and evening cocktail. The participant package fee does not cover travel and hotel accommodation expenses.

Cancellation policy:
in 1 month less than 1 month
50% of fee is refundable fee is non-refundable

How to Pay: Upon reception of your registration Bosco Conference will send you an invoice. Payment can be made only by bank transfer.

Official languages

English and Russian. Simultaneous interpreting will be provided during the day.

Conference venue and accommodation of delegates

Conference Venue - Intercontinental Hotel Almaty 5* (Grand Ballroom)
Address - 181 Zheltoksan Street, Almaty, 050013, Kazakhstan

For conference delegates hotel offers special accomodation fare. Special accomodation fare is valid from September 05 until September 08, 2015.
Last day to book:8/7/15 
Accommodation in InterContinental Almaty for Invest Pro 2015 participants

Intercontinetal-Almaty  Interconti-Almaty-Room  Interconti-Almaty-Ballroom 

Disclaimer: Accommodation in the Hotel is recommended but not obligatory condition to participate in the conference. The participants are free to choose another hotel; however, the Organizer will neither provide special rates, nor recommend other hotels. The Organizer doesn't undertake any responsibility for reservation process. The participants make reservations and settle payment themselves. Should reservation conditions be violated (i.e. non-show or late cancellation less than 24 hours), the Hotel will set the fines on the Participant according to the conditions of reservation.


We recommend hotel transfer to get from Almaty International Airport to Intercontinental hotel.
To book transfer, please send contact details (name, surname) and flight details (arrival time, flight number) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Type of transfer car – Mercedes S class, W 220. One way transfer cost – 7900 KZT (40 Euro).

Visa information

To obtain a visa to the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens must contact the embassy/consular department of the Republic of Kazakhstan in their country of residence. List of embassies/consular departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan you can find HERE. Please note that visa-free entry to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is foreseen for some foreign citizens. More details - HERE.


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