WealthPro Ukraine Kyiv 2021

Monday, 08 November 2021

This year, the annual international conference WealthPro Kyiv 2021 gathered more than 200 participants from 30 countries around the world. It has presented 15 speakers in the conference room and 20 exhibition stands all over the networking space. Bosco Conference received an all-time high amount of positive feedback.

It has presented 15 speakers in the conference room and 20 exhibition stands all over the networking space.

Bosco Conference received an all-time high amount of positive feedback for the event from its delegates and speakers.


With the conferences, our company has been providing networking opportunities for professionals, their colleagues and clients for 16 years.

Conference participants kindly agreed to give us interviews that were recorded by and with the help of our partners from Qstudio. It’s necessary to point out that the frequently asked question: «Why is it so important to attend such offline events as WealthPro Kyiv 2021?» was answered in a unison way – «It’s important to maintain live communication with clients and colleagues.»


You’ll find the interviews with conference experts and participants on our YT- channel very soon: https://bit.ly/3BoSGnh.
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You can also find videos with more than 60 online seminars organized by our company since April 2020 on the channel.
At the WealthPro Kyiv 2021 everyone present felt comfortable and safe thanks to the medical support of the Dniprolab laboratory. Their team displayed an example oftrue professionalism.

The format and atmosphere of WealthPro Kyiv 2021 encouraged the participants to have informal and open conversations on topics that go even beyond business. For that our company provided a coffee break, lunch, and evening cocktail with Jack Daniel’s as a partner.



At the end of the speech session, there was a raffle for valuable prizes. This year, gifts were provided by the sponsors and partners of the conference: Crystal Worldwide (Hungary), InTax (Ireland), the Unmomento (chain of dry-cleaners), and the cleaning and redesign studio – Oscar Dry Clean Studio.


For regular participants and speakers, the WealthPro and InvestPro conferences are a part of their liferoutine. A place for communication, development, solutions and finding working tools for business here, where strong business relationships are created.

Bosco Conference organizes both online and offline conferences, inviting everyone to participate and network.


The next offline event InvestPro is about to unfold in February in the financial capital of the UAE – Dubai.

The conference in Kyiv will take place on April 6. There is also a plan to hold two more InvestPro events in Kazakhstan in May.
Registration for upcoming events is already open: https://bit.ly/31kbmZ7

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