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How to obtain Maltese citizenship in 2022

Thursday, 13 January 2022
How to obtain Maltese citizenship in 2022

Maltese citizenship can be obtained in 2022 by participating in a naturalization procedure. 

Requirements for applicants:

  • to invest 750,000 euros and to be in Malta for one year
  • to make a contribution to the National Development Fund of Malta
  • If the applicant applies for status after three years of permanent residence in Malta, the investment will be reduced to 600,000 euros
  • donate 10,000 euros to charity
  • buy real estate in the amount of at least 700,000 euros. You can sell a real estate object after five years of ownership

The number of citizenship registration under this procedure is limited to a quota of 1,500 applications. In 2022, Malta will consider no more than 400 applications for citizenship. The total amount of investment depends on whether the investor will buy real estate or rent, how long the investor will live in Malta as a resident and on the number of additional family members included in the application.

Malta makes strict demands regarding the reliability of the applicant. Each participant of the program must undergo a thorough check — Due Diligence. The cost of Due Diligence for the main applicant is 15 000 euros, and for others - 10 000 euros.


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