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Company registration in Qatar

Thursday, 16 December 2021
Thanks for the excellent organization of the event Bosco Conference, support and your help! In fact, everything was great, there were only positive impressions from both the event itself and from the provided content: very interesting and informative!
  • Qatar Financial Center registered Branch;
  • Provision of legal services regarding Qatar companies registration and business consulting support.

Why Qatar?

Nowadays Qatar is considered to be one of the most ambitious development platforms in the Middle East. It is a fast-growing global business area which has already become a serious competitor to the free economic zones of the UAE.
However, Qatar, unlike the United Arab Emirates, is not an offshore territory.

What does it mean?

Onshore is a country with positive business reputation. This fact raises the prestige of a company registered there;
•Qatar is not on the “gray” or “black” lists of the International financial organizations;
•Qatar has a low-tax economy and imposes a 10% tax on the local source profits and a 0% tax rate on personal income tax;
•International agreements and standards in the field of business, exchange of financial and tax information are strictly observed in Qatar;
•There is a world-class regulatory and legal environment in line with the highest international standards based on Common Law in Qatar.
•Qatar has a Double Taxation agreement with more than 60 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan;
•Citizens of the above listed countries do not need a visa to enter Qatar

What do we offer?

Dr Nagy Consulting QFC Branch is an experienced team of professionals. We are glad to provide the following services:

•Registration of holding companies, trusts, family offices, special purpose companies;
•Company conversion from one legal form to another;
•Corporate administration (provision of a legal address or office, director or corporate secretary services, etc.);
•Consulting on tax planning and tax compliance in Qatar;
•Company re-domiciliation services;
•Accounting, financial reporting and submission of tax returns.

What is the advantage of Dr Nagy Consulting QFC Branch cooperation?

• We are experienced professionals in taxation, finance and corporate law;
• We focus on long-term cooperation with clients;
• We accompany our clients throughout the entire business registration process;
• We provide constant Russian/English/Hungarian-language consulting support;
• We guarantee high quality service and the desired result.

Our contacts:
WhatsApp/Telegram: +36308776201
Telephone: +97477709803
Webpage: https://drnagye-qfcbranch.qa/ru/
LinkedIn: Dr Nagy Consulting QFC Branch
Address: Commercial Bank Plaza, 14th floor, Office No. 9. West-Bay, Doha, Qatar

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