Sergey Bogatyrev

Sergey Bogatyrev is an investor, entrepreneur and advisor on international taxation, corporate structuring, entrepreneurship and economic development in highly uncertain environment.

Mr. Bogatyrev possesses Bachelor of Economics Degree from Lomonosov Moscow State University and Master of Science in Wealth Management awarded by Singapore Management University (SMU).

At the start of his career in Moscow, Russia, he’s got banking and stock market experience and was awarded “The Smartest Manager” title by DENGI magazine in 1998.

Later he joined Russian business and management consultancy firm where he was dealing with developing optimal corporate structures for business and investment projects for 12 years.

Mr. Bogatyrev relocated to Singapore  in 2010, switching to entrepreneurship and starting his own consultancy business.

He is a recognized expert in developing practical solutions for international investment and business projects that are in compliance with ever-changing legal environment.

His areas of interest include but not limited to the following:

- creation of corporate structures that are compliant with the new rules for global transactions (Automatic Exchange of Information, BEPS, CFC rules etc.);

- wealth management strategy for the first-generation wealth;

- protected investment instruments.

Mr. Bogatyrev assists his clients with:

- creation of investment strategies;

- creation of business development strategies;

- corporate structuring;

- asset allocation;

- citizenship by investments.

The core value of his expertise is providing independent and unengaged advice and his true passion is finding the best solutions that assist investors and entrepreneurs to achieve their personal goals in wealth creation, preservation and transfer wealth to next generations.


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