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James Muscat Azzopardi

Dr James Muscat Azzopardi is based in Malta and is an official Authorised Agent for Malta's citizenship and residence programmes. With 20 years’ experience as a partner in one of Malta's leading commercial law firms, Muscat Azzopardi and Associates, Dr Muscat Azzopardi advises a global clientele of high net worth individuals on complex issues relating to the correct choice of second citizenship or residence within the European Union. He also advises a range of corporate international clients including multinational corporations, banks, investment funds and online gaming companies.

Dr Muscat Azzopardi is also a partner in Credence, an advisory firm that offers a range of corporate solutions in Malta including trading and holding companies and trusts.

Dr Muscat Azzopardi is a tutor and a supervisor at the University of Malta and a founding member of the Maltese-Spanish Chamber of Commerce.