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George Terentis

George Terentis is a member of Prime Property Group in Cyprus and responsible for the development of the company’s business relationships worldwide. George has a diverse background with a 10 year experience in Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Operations and Consulting and that allows him to see things from different perspectives. He is a graduate of the New York University in Prague with a Master degree in Business. George has a cross-cultural approach as he lived and done businesses in the Middle East, Europe and CIS countries.

Prime Property Group is a market leader in Cyprus with a One-Stop Shop concept offering unparalleled services and products to its clients.

‘’At Prime Property Group we commence the most challenging projects and complete them with a high level of architectural integrity and quality. We continuously monitor the latest developments in the urban housing sector, master the best practices in the industry, optimize our investments, planning, and project management systems. Each of our development projects is a product of architectural excellence, aimed to create an exceptional and unrivalled comfort! ‘’