Yuliya Kan

Yuliya Kan is the Head of the Legal Department of Angels Niko Advisory LLP. Yuliya specializes in projects related to legal support, tax review, restoring of accounting records, analysis and interpretation of provisions of IFRS and its application in practice.

In her daily work Yuliya organizes and effectively coordinates the entire work of the legal department. Yuliya quickly and qualitatively advises clients on their everyday issues regarding legal, tax and accounting issues.

Yuliya was involved in various projects related to the daily support of the process of reorganization and liquidation of companies, which requires thorough knowledge and understanding of the provisions of IFRS, the Kazakhstan Tax Code, the sectoral legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the ability to interact with government officials. Within the framework of such projects, Yuliya led the process of preparing accounting data for audits.

It should be noted separately Yuliya's participation in complex projects on transfer pricing issues that requires excellent knowledge and understanding of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on transfer pricing and an integrated approach to the solution of tasks. The result of one of the projects was preparation of transfer pricing policy for big mining company.

Yuliya organized and worked with the team on the following projects: conducting tax audits, restoring of accounting records, developing accounting and tax accounting policies, preparing reports for large taxpayers. One of the demonstration projects implemented under the leadership of Yuliya is the project on restoring of accounting records of a large mining company.

Yuliya has the status of Tax Consultant of 1 category and Professional Accountant of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In the course of her professional activities, Yuliya regularly participates in various round tables, legal forums and discussions.


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