Sergey Filatov

Sergey Filatov, lawyer, MBA. Head of Representative Office of the Cyprus largest privately owned developing company Pafilia Property Developers LTD since 2012. Sergey advises on property purchase, maintenance and taxation matters. He specializes in EU citizenship through investment programs, including recommendations on investments, property acquisition, citizenship application process and the documents required for the application.

In March 2014 the Cyprus Government announced changes to the legislation that enables foreign investors to become Cypriot (EU) citizens. Pafilia has 100% approval rate in submitting investor groups and provides legal guarantees. At the moment the Cyrus citizenship program is the easiest and the fastest in Europe. Pafilia appreciates its clients’ time and money and provides services of the highest level. Founded in 1977, Pafilia is the largest privately owned residential developer in Cyprus, dedicated to delivering the best in concept, design, quality and service. The company offers a diverse and innovative portfolio of property types and styles. Pafilia is also a market leader in the permanent residency and citizenship through real estate investment programs.  The Pafilia promise is to provide first-class properties with exemplary and contemporary facilities and service that offer exceptional choices for both living and investing. Pafilia selects world renowned partners to complement its skills and achieve its innovative project visions.  Our extensive and high-quality portfolio, strong partner network and professional personalized service make Pafilia the ideal immigration and property partner in Cyprus. 


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