Olga Dmitrieva


In 1987 Olga Dmіtrieva has graduated from the legal faculty of Taras Schevchenko State University. She has obtained the speciality “Jurisprudence”.
In 2004 Olga Dmіtrieva has got the second higher education in Kyiv National Economic University having obtained the speciality “Financial Management”.

Professional experience
In 1987 Olga Dmіtrieva joined the Kyiv Regional Bar Association.
In 1992 Olga Dmіtrieva underwent a traineeship in the law firm in Canada.
In 1994 Olga Dmіtrieva established the own legal business, she is a founder and director of “Dmіtrieva & Partners” Law Company.
In 2008 Olga Dmіtrieva was elected the President of the Ukrainian Advocates’ Association. In 2011 she was reelected to this post. In 2014 Olga Dmitrieva was elected the Head of the Supervisory Board of UAA.
In 2012 Olga Dmitrieva was elected the Head of the Higher Audit Bar Committee of the National Bar Association of Ukraine.
In 2014 she was selected to the list of arbitrators of Riga International Commercial Arbitration Court.
In 2015 Olga Dmitrieva was elected a member of the Public Council under the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine.
Based on the results of the research "The Best Lawyers in Ukraine" and "Client's Choice: TOP-100 Best Lawyers of Ukraine" Olga Dmitrieva is recognized as one of the best lawyers in Ukraine.


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