Mag. Johannes Schwarz




Born 26.9.1961 in Vienna, Austria,
Primary School, High School diploma „AHS- Matura“ in Vienna

1977- 1981   family business (production+sales of alcoholic beverages)     

Area of Sales, logistics, administration, production

  • Part time after school: inventory control, sales to restaurants and bars
  • Full time (after finishing High School): Sales and Production Manager
  • Separate profit center for international raw material import/ export. First reasonable profits with alcohol imports cheaper than the monopoly that became possible because of specifications of the EU- EFTA treatment
  • Owner (partnership) of  a gas station “Total”- Hannes Schwarz
  • Owner of Vienna’s only cinema with films or foreign workers in Turkish and Yugoslav language
  • 1981: father died, his enterprises were liquidated/sold 1982


1982 - 1986     together with studies at Business University of Vienna

different part time activities

  • owner of  “E. M. Fritsch GmbH” (Import & Export, 2 employees), making import and selling advertisements, software etc.; continuing gas station and cinema
  • sales teams for direct sales of cable TV, using the addresses to sell also television sets, insurances, real estate.
  • activities in political organizations (board member of young ÖVP (conservative party) in 18th  district of Vienna, trainer of politicians of the political academy of ÖVP, co-editor of the monthly magazine of young ÖVP, organization of events in the Junior Chamber of the House of Industry, Vienna)
  • activities in student organizations (Head of “MIT”, organizing at Business University of Vienna guest speakers, the first job exchange and large parties; the funds were used to support “JES”, a conservative student organizations founded by Vinzenz von Liechtenstein; JES was elected head of student parliament the first and only time in history when “MIT” gave enough money. In addition, “MIT” was running seminars on sales and management topics at the university, sponsored by banks, and  was partner of the “Karriere Magazin” a quarterly newspaper for students which helped to sell the seminars)
  • head of soccer club “FC Hansi Schwarz” (several time champion in lower leagues)


1986-1987                       Philips Data Systems GmbH

Computer sales

  • sales of hardware and software.
  • At the same time continuing own private businesses (synergies with Philips).

(autumn 1987 – end 1988: MBA program in St. Louis)


1988- 2005: entrepreneur: “Praxis Unternehmensberatung”                                       

Business Consulting + training company

  • Self employed after finishing the MBA program
  • Selling and performing consulting and trainings projects. Praxis became market leader in consulting small and medium businesses in Austria with over 800 customers. In addition, in Eastern Europe more than 40 multinational enterprises became customers of Praxis in the area of cost cutting, optimization of sales activities and trainings for management and sales professionals.
  • Import business and real estate activities connected with the consulting enterprise
  • Private- Equity investments in different enterprises and parts of enterprises, mainly in connection with reorganization of these enterprises.
  • 1994 creation of “Teleprofi” which became 1995 Austria’s leading enterprise in outbound telemarketing. 30.6.1998 Teleprofi was still profitable but had to be closed because of changes in Austrian law, which would have created losses.
  • There were different changes in the enterprise structure during the years, mainly because of tax optimization, 2oo1 Johannes Schwarz and his wife moved to Monaco,
  • 2005 - 2007: MBO by R. Kanz, a senior partner, who took over the whole consulting business of Praxis Unternehmensberatung
  • 2007: sales of the real estate business in Vienna

Other activities: president of alumni organization, cooperation with political organizations, creation of foundations: Eztak Ezeim, Univers and others



2007- today: entrepreneur: Zugimpex Group                                                               

Tax consulting and Private Equity

  • Tax consultant in Switzerland, Audit office in Malta, Legal office in Bratislava
  • Business Centers in Zug, Bratislava and Malta, companies in other regions
  • Private Equity and Finance (mainly internet companies)



1982- 1986        BusinessUniversity of Vienna (finished with „Magister“)

                           (Major: Tax Law, Small Enterprises, thesis: asset management)

1985                  Harvard University: Summer Management Program

1987- 1988        Webster St. Louis MBA (international Business)

1989- 1990        Political Instructor of the Political Academy (Vienna)                 

1991                  Business Consultant: Professional license exam

1994                  Quality management Lead Auditor exam (ISO 9000)

1999                  Management Summer School MZSG St. Gallen/ Switzerland

2000                  Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Vienna

2001                  Certified E- Commerce Manager, Vienna

2005                  Investment, Asset Management, Derivatives, Monaco

2005-2007         Swiss Tax Consultant, Switzerland

2000                  Accredited Export Consultant, Vienna

2002-2015         Several certificates in International tax law in different countries

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