Jean-Francois St-Laurent

Jean-Francois St-Laurent  is the founder and held the position of director of Forsythe since the incorporation of the company, in 1992.  He is also the founder of the public limited company WSF Sicav (regulated by the financial services authority) and held the position of director since the incorporation, in 2009.

He studied in Law and Business School.  He also owns a post-graduate certificate in credit management.

He is member of the board of several corporations, having their activities in the area of commercial real estate, trading of physical commodities (oil, carbon and chemical) and transportation (train and airline).

The purpose of Forsythe is to offer services to business people and companies, enabling them to set up conventional or non-conventional business activities and to create companies for selling goods or services internationally and for e-commerce while limiting fiscal impacts as much as possible, enabling companies to relocate their activities in whole or in part to jurisdictions where overall operating costs as well as expenses and taxes of various types are lower.

Once the companies are settled up, Forsythe may also take charge of the management of the structure in the jurisdictions chosen.

Forsythe has bases in several jurisdictions to offer you solutions adapted to your own particular situation and aiming to help you successfully carry out your business project.


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