Iven De Hoon

Iven De Hoon (1963) has 25 years of experience. He was a privileged witness of the huge changes in international tax law over the last decade. Travelling, reading and taxation are his passion. Iven De Hoon wrote a number of books and articles on (international) taxation. He has, without a doubt, become one of the most skilled and creative European international tax planners. His website ‘www.nomoretax.eu’ is one of the top visited websites about taxes, with more than 75.000 visits per month. He wrote an enlightening book on the matter: “Belastingparadijzen” (Tax Havens) in Dutch, and “How to make yourself invisible to the tax inspector” (also published in Dutch and French), and recently the book “I am gone”. Iven De Hoon is educated as a lawyer (University of Antwerp, Belgium) with additional specialisation at the acclaimed Vlerick Institute (University of Ghent, Belgium). He is also winner of the Wiloughby Memorial Prize (St. Jesus College, Oxford, 2009). He lives in Sofia (Bulgaria) and is a father of three kids. He speaks Dutch, French, English, German and Italian and is currently learning Bulgarian.


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