Igor Persidskiy

Igor Persidskiy is a legal professional with broad international tax and litigation experience and a background in working across multiple jurisdictions.
Prior to joining IFS, Igor was responsible for legal and corporate affairs of a major industrial group. He also looked after assets and certain wealth management matters for UBOs in multiple jurisdictions. Amongst other matters, Igor has handled shareholders` relations, internal and external mediation, dispute resolution, court actions, and protection of shareholders’ interests in different jurisdictions. Igor’s litigation experience includes managing tax disputes with various state authorities. Igor was responsible for setting up corporate operations in the new markets. He has hands-on experience in dealing with HNWIs and managing various stakeholders. Igor is an affiliate member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP) and a member of the International Business Structuring Association (IBSA). Igor is a native Russian speaker.

IFS is a boutique international tax practice established in 1971 in central London, specifically created to assist entrepreneurial clients - individuals and companies - on tax-efficient cross-border tax and business planning with innovative long-term commercial structures for their businesses. IFS routinely provides advice in the following areas:

  • Corporate Redomiciliation
  • Internationally Mobile Individuals
  • Taxation of Entertainers and Sportsmen
  • Advising HNWIs on international relocation;
  • Structuring cross border corporate structures for trade, investment, real estate, funds, IP
  • Advising on international exchange of information
  • Tax disputes management and coordination
  • Assistance to private clients regarding inheritance, succession and estate planning matters
  • Assisting clients with HMRC and NCA tax inquiries. Liaising with tax authorities on behalf of clients

Although every business is unique, the absolute majority of business owners require advice on the following issues:

  • personal tax planning for the UBO including residence planning, tax efficient investment in corporate structures, exit, inheritance planning and passing wealth down the generations.

For the companies the issues include:

  • creating tax and cost-efficient holding structures (not necessarily international);
  • corporate residence planning including managing risks of becoming tax resident in high tax countries on the basis of management and control;
  • tax efficient funding including planning for withholding taxes of interest;
  • return of funds to the investors by share sale, dividends and carry, including advice on minimizing withholding tax exposure;
  • planning for the corporate intellectual property (IP) including protecting it from third parties claims;
  • tax efficient exploitation and managing withholding tax on royalties and disposal of shares and other group companies;
  • employment issues and tax efficient remuneration of employees.


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