Gonzalo Lopez Jordan

Gonzalo Lopez Jordan is the Managing Partner of Patagonia Financial Holdings, a Private Equity Firm based in Miami that has structured over a billion dollars in projects in the USA and in Latin America, in industries such as Energy, Food & Beverage, Sports Entertainment, Technology, Real Estate and Hospitality. The Patagonia Group owns also a US Registered Broker Dealer, a US Registered Investment Advisor and American Regional Center Group (ARCG), a provider of sound and reliable Immigration by Investment strategies to the USA and other countries. Mr Lopez Jordan has twenty years of senior management experience in asset management, private banking, securities trading and alternative investments. He has been an active member of IIUSA and a frequent speaker to its events around the world. Mr. Lopez Jordan holds a JD from Università di Pisa-Italy, a JD and MBA from Universidad de Oviedo-Spain.


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