Andrey Anikeev

Andrey Anikeev has obtained a higher education in the field of business management in Latvia.

Since 2008 Andrey has solid and successful experience in creating a large network of corporate B2B clients in Baltics on the base of international network trade centers. In 2011 Andrey became Business Development Director with CIS & Baltics Professional Services Clients in the company NTL TRUST LIMITED, the oldest trust company on the island of Nevis, which is government approved and authorized agent to represent and promote Citizenship-by-Investment Program in the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Andrey`s professional mission – relationship development with professional partners: legal, accounting, financial and consulting specialists in CIS and Baltics.

Andrey consults partners on the following matters:

·         Incorporation of IBCs and LLCs in Nevis and other jurisdictions;
·         Remote bank accounts opening worldwide: for example Caribbean, Switzerland, Andorra, Panama, Singapore, Bahamas, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, and other destinations. Andrey cooperates with Russian-speaking bankers and banks which allow to open accounts for non-residents of CIS remotely;
·         Formation of Trusts and Multiform Foundations in Nevis, Panama, New Zealand;

·         Offshore companies formation and financial licenses obtaining;
·         Tax-free purchase, sale and storage of precious metals in Switzerland;

·         Merchant services;
·         Registration of ships and yachts in Nevis, Panama;
·         Economic Citizenship by Investment (Second passport) of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada;
·        Residence permit in Latvia and Andorra to list a few.

Personal note:

Our clients are professionals in the field of financial management, owners of international corporations, investors and their families, people who appreciate fresh independent approach of our staff who share a common language.


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