SMARTGEN LTD is a private consulting company managing the investments, assets and Family Office of its shareholders and partners in Israel.

We specialize in investing in Israel. We invest in sectors such as: real estate, high-tech, medicine, industry and other promising areas.

SMARTGEN LTD is a member of the Investment Committee and Investment Advisor to the EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD SMARTGEN ISRAEL FUND. We are proud to be partners of one of the leading Global Investment Houses.

SMARTGEN LTD provides its shareholders and partners with consulting services in: registration and management of companies and holdings in Israel, tax planning using the advantages of Israeli jurisdiction, managing a family office, coordinating work with Israeli and European banks, acquiring and managing residential and commercial real estate.

Among our shareholders and partners: wealthy people, prosperous families and international corporations with interests in Israel. We work closely with them and provide a wide range of services that goes beyond traditional financial consulting. In our work, we focus on achieving the most effective result for our partners, based on the rich international experience of the company employees and attracting reliable third-party consultants. That is why our partners entrust us with the management of their assets and the preservation of their heritage for future generations.

Our international experience, professional knowledge and flexibility of thinking allow us to implement complex, but profitable and practical solutions suitable for each specific family.

We will be glad to become your reliable partner in Israel!


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