Pine State Regional Center is a division of Arkansas Capital Corporation, one of the oldest economic development corporations in the United States, formed by Winthrop Rockefeller in 1957. We are a well-known non-profit organization with a heavy emphasis on risk control, and our management team has a long track record of creating jobs and working closely with the state and federal government.

For 63 years, ACC has originated, structured, and executed development financing transactions to support economic vitality in the State of Arkansas and surrounding states, facilitating investment into job-creating projects across multiple industries and sectors. The investment focus of our regional center is construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure projects working in partnership with government, public/private partnerships, and established developers with an emphasis on transactions in rural and underserved areas.

Pine State is dedicated to continuing that success through our EB-5 investment offerings, providing confidence and security for our EB-5 investors. With our corporate family’s long history and experienced team of finance, legal, and lending professionals, we offer opportunities for foreign nationals to obtain permanent residency in the United States through the EB-5 Immigrant Investment program.


Pine State is currently the sponsor of a leading rural TEA EB-5 project, BIG RIVER STEEL PHASE II.

BRS PHASE II offers EB-5 investors a unique investment opportunity: the fully financed expansion of an already profitable, industry-leading project, along with the advantage of a Rural Targeted Employment Area.

Pine State’s previous project, BRS PHASE I, closed a successful $60 million EB-5 financing and created 8x the necessary jobs. The project was profitable in the very first year of operations, generating over $270m EBITDA from $1.35 billion in sales (2018).  The project benefited from strong government support to bring back manufacturing industry jobs to the U.S. heartland, as well as a prominent equity investor group, including some of the largest and most sophisticated industrial investors in the United States.

BRS PHASE II is similarly a fully financed project with the use of $100 million of bridge equity, meaningfully reducing investor risk. The expansion will further cement Big River Steel’s position as a global leader by doubling production capacity to 3.3 million tons of high-grade specialty steel and facilitating the company’s ability to produce even higher grades of products.  Construction began in May 2019 and will be completed at the end of 2021, and the project is again projected to create a large job cushion for EB-5 investors.  As of February 2020, all the necessary jobs for the full BRS PHASE II EB-5 offering have been created and verified by Baker Tilly. 

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